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Special Expressions closed its door on 13th February 2020

The end of an era.


I am still trading, sourced new, exciting products, and will always be on the lookout for more

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MYTH & SILVER born out of a rising. By Deb Garton

‘Out of the Ashes She was born’ 

I have always had a love and passion for jewellery that is unusual, eclectic and unique. At the age of 16 I worked on the markets in Nottingham selling fashion jewellery and accessories. This then escalated to gold and silver …………..I shall complete my story when my last chapter is over and I can start my new book.

I have a hand in some of the designs of the jewellers that I work with.

I met the awesome designer Emin, owner of Lorarty on my travels to London to see my son. A trip to Camden and a chance meeting.

I see something I like it, in the hope that you will like it and buy it.

If you would like a piece of custom made jewellery, bracelets, rings, necklaces, pendants, please contact Myth and Silver and we can discuss your requirements

Love Lorarty – Emin makes all of his jewellery without any welding or soldering and lovingly wraps the metal around the stone using Silver, Bronze, Copper and Brass. He uses his Turkish designing alongside his influence from the west, creating some unique east meets west designs.

Deb’s Delights – a range of Sterling Silver jewellery sourced by myself to be unusual, different, some off the wall designs and all loved by me.

Pagan Jewellery is for those of us who love the Universe and what it gives to us.

And she rose from the Ashes like a Phoenix – Myth & Silver was born